About us

Pixies and Pirates Trading Co
My sisters and I have always been the pixies. Our three brothers were the pirates and right from the start we were drawn to a life of make-believe. A world where we mixed glitter and sparkles with the softest materials and wrapped ourselves in tulle and wore hats with feathers and collected shells and leaves and strings of flowers. As we grew up so did our interest in fashion and I found I had an eye for searching out the unique and the unusual. Grown-up treasures filled my house and my wardrobe. Vintage sunglasses, boho hats, beaded tops, soft cashmere cardigans and stunning silks from faraway lands. My career took me into styling and retail where I became known for my skill at mixing modern sophistication with vintage glamour. As my own little family of pixies and pirates began to grow up, luxury boutiques became a thing of the past. I began to seek out places across the globe where artisanal craftswomen make handmade goods with the highest quality materials that were as good, if not better than what is mass produced in the stores. And so Pixies and Pirates Trading Co was born. Authentic. Beautiful. Made with love.
Sarah xxxx
Sarah macpherson Pixies and Pirates trading Co